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We inform that our Factory and the Shop will be closed for summer holidays from 8th to 21st August.

Our Store and Factory hours:
Monday to Friday, from 07/25 to 09/02 it will be of

7:00 to 15:00.

The Shop

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The shop of PRODESCO:
 Hobby - PGE Serie
Ver informacion Information of the serie

Collection of glazes prepared in aqueous dispersion, ready to use by brush. It´s possible to obtain different reactive glazes depending the coat applied. All of them are mixable. The firing temperatures varies from 980 to 1080°C.

Moss Green (non available)
Ref: PGE-02

Light Brown
Ref: PGE-09

Leather (until end of stock)
Ref: PGE-10

Grey Blue (non available)
Ref: PGE-16

Copper Green
Ref: PGE-23

Graphite (non available)
Ref: PGE-27

Ref: PGE-28

Intense Green (non available)
Ref: PGE-29

Manganese Brown
Ref: PGE-30

Light Sand
Ref: PGE-33

Turquoise Gilded Green
Ref: PGE-35

Sanded Brown (non available)
Ref: PGE-37

Bright Green (until end of stock)
Ref: PGE-65

Orange Brown (until end of stock)
Ref: PGE-74

Blanco multipicas
Ref: PGG-88

Cobalt Blue
Ref: PGG-82

Sanded Green (until end of stock)
Ref: PGG-117

Pink (until end of stock)
Ref: PGG-118

Leather (until end of stock)
Ref: PGG-139


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