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 Biscuit - Tiles - Craft Red Tile Biscuit

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Baldosa artesana 5x5x1,6
Ref: 60256600

Baldosa artesana 7x7x1,6
Ref: 60256700

Baldosa artesana 10x10x1,6
Ref: 60256800

Baldosa artesana 10x10x1,6, 13x13x1,1 y 15x15x1,6
Ref: 60256800, 60256900 y 60257000

Baldosa artesana 15x15x1,6
Ref: 60257000

Baldosa Artesana 15x30x1,6
Ref: 60257400

Baldosa artesana 20x20x1,6
Ref: 60245500

Baldosa artesana 30x40x2,5
Ref: 60245600

Baldosa gres chamotado 15x15x1,6
Ref: 60280000

Baldosa gres chamotado 20x20x1,6
Ref: 60280100

Baldosa gres chamotado 30x30x1,8
Ref: 60280200

Baldosas de gres chamotado
Ref: 60280000 a 60280200

Baldosa artesana estrella 15x2,2
Ref: 60261700

Baldosa artesana cruz 15x15x2
Ref: 60263800

Baldosa artesana estrella 10x1,6
Ref: 60261600

Olambrilla 7x7x1 cm. (foto 1)
Ref: 60226200

Olambrilla 7x7x1 cm. (foto 2)
Ref: 60226200



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