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Dear customers:

An exceptional situation decreed by the government like this, requires the involvement and effort of all.

In the factory we are working since April 14th. The store remains closed to the public until the government allows the opening of shops. However, we attend to email and telephone for inquiries, order preparation and any other type of management.

Thank you for your understanding and collaboration.

The main weapon against the Covid-19 are us.

Take care of yourself, your families and your close ones and wish you to stay healthy!

We will keep you informed of any changes.
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The shop of PRODESCO:
 Faience Biscuit - Desktop Articles

Bombonera cuadrada 15x15x9
Ref: 60276200

Bombonera redonda 15x9
Ref: 60276100

Caja c/tapa hexagonal pequeña 10X7X5, mediana 12X9X6 y joyerito 6,5X4,5
Ref: 60335900-60335800-60336000

Cenicero de agua pequeño 10,5x5,5 cm.
Ref: 60357600

Cenicero de agua 13x7 cm.
Ref: 60253500

Centro de puntas grande 20X43 y pequeño 30X18
Ref: 60338000-60338100

Centro Flecha grande 61x14 y pequeño 50x9
Ref: 60338200-60338300

Ref: 60239000

Escribanía clásica 35x25 cm.
Ref: 60320100

Tintero diám. 12 cm.
Ref: 60239100

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Tres en Raya (foto 2) (Ver artículos)


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