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Covid-19 measures
An exceptional situation decreed by the government like this, requires the involvement and effort of all. The measures that this company adopts is reduce maximum of 3 customers at the retail store. Please do not forgot wear your musk always.
Thank you for your understanding and collaboration. We are the main weapon against the Covid-19. Take care for you and your close ones and keep healthy!
We will keep you informed of any changes.
The Shop

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The shop of PRODESCO:
 Glazes - Glitter Effect
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Is a collection of bright glitter glazes designed for glazing and decoration of ceramic pieces.

Efecto azul nº 9
Ref: 20649904

Efecto bronce nº 4
Ref: 20649404

Efecto champagne nº 7
Ref: 20649704

Efecto cobre nº 10
Ref: 20652500

Efecto dorado nº 6
Ref: 20652400

Efecto nácar nº 11
Ref: 20649504

Efecto oro nº 3
Ref: 20649304

Efecto plata nº 5
Ref: 20649604

Efecto verde nº 8
Ref: 20649804


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