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Dear Customer:
We would like to inform you that we will be closed on the following dates due maintenance works, inventory period and Christmas holidays: Factory from 25 December to 01 January 2020 both included. Shop from 23 December to 01 January 2020 both included.
Last operative day for manufacturing and order loading , 13 December 2019
We hope this information helps to organize your stocks and guarantee our best service.
For further information do not hesitate to contact us.


Medio Ambiente
PRODESCO, the store:
Faience Biscuit - Desktop Articles

Ref: 60239000

Tintero diám. 12 cm.
Ref: 60239100

Escribanía clásica 35x25 cm.
Ref: 60320100

Cenicero de agua 13x7 cm.
Ref: 60253500

Tres en Raya (foto 1) (ver artículos)

Tres en Raya (foto 2) (Ver artículos)

Caja c/tapa hexagonal pequeña 10X7X5, mediana 12X9X6 y joyerito 6,5X4,5
Ref: 60335900-60335800-60336000

Centro de puntas grande 20X43 y pequeño 32X19
Ref: 60338000-60338100

Centro Flecha grande 61x14 y pequeño 50x9
Ref: 60338200-60338300

Cenicero de agua pequeño 10,5x5,5 cm.
Ref: 60357600

Bombonera cuadrada 15x15x9
Ref: 60276200

Bombonera redonda 15x9
Ref: 60276100


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