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Dear customers:

An exceptional situation decreed by the government like this, requires the involvement and effort of all.
The measures that this company adopts immediately is closing the retail store, the manufacturing and dispatch.  We suspend our activity  from today 30 March  to 13th april,  we will attend to email as much as possible.

Thank you for your understanding and collaboration.

We are the main weapon against the Covid-19.

Take care for you and yours and keep healthy!

We will keep you informed of any changes.

Medio Ambiente
PRODESCO, the store:
Glazes - Lustered
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BASE OR BODY: It is advisable to use red biscuit, terracotta or white body for a biggest development of the metal effect.

GLAZED OF THE PIECES: by aerograph for a greatest homogeneity of the coat, but always bearing in mind that: An excess of coat causes the dripping of the glaze because this kind of glazes are very flux. A little coat causes transparencies and there isn’t development of the metal effect. Firing temperature: 980 - 990°C.

Black Metalized
Ref: 5174

Lustered Serig.
Ref: 5833

Lustered Serig.
Ref: 5834

Lustered Golden
Ref: 5834/N

Lustered Golden
Ref: 5836

Lustered Bright Serig.
Ref: 5838

Lustered Bright Serig.
Ref: 5839

Lustered Bright Serig.
Ref: 5841

Lustered Green
Ref: 5849

Lustered Blue
Ref: 5855

Lustered Serigraf.
Ref: 5860

Mat Dark Grey
Ref: IM-1004

Ref: N-3035

Ref: N-3303

Bright Black
Ref: N-3320/M-4

Crystalline Black
Ref: N-3320/M-7

Bright Black
Ref: N-3320/M-7-DUR

Crystalline Gilded
Ref: S-3-A-N

Red Brown
Ref: XP-3017

Ref: 41089104

Lustrado dorado
Ref: 5837

Lustrado plata
Ref: 5914



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