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Dear customers:

An exceptional situation decreed by the government like this, requires the involvement and effort of all.
The measures that this company adopts immediately is closing the retail store, the manufacturing and dispatch.  We suspend our activity  from today 30 March  to 13th april,  we will attend to email as much as possible.

Thank you for your understanding and collaboration.

We are the main weapon against the Covid-19.

Take care for you and yours and keep healthy!

We will keep you informed of any changes.

Medio Ambiente
PRODESCO, the store:
Glazes - Stoneware Glazes

Ref: 0- 6001

Brown Red
Ref: 0- 6002

Dark Grey
Ref: 0- 6003

Fiord Blue
Ref: 0- 6004

Ref: 0- 6005

Light Green
Ref: 0- 6008

Ref: 0-10111

Crystalline Blue
Ref: 0-10112

Ref: 0-10123

Crystalline Green
Ref: 0-10121

Glossy Transparent
Ref: 0-10485

Matt Transparent
Ref: 0- 6048

Opaque Gloss Craquele
Ref: 0- 6054

Transparent Gloss Craquelé
Ref: 0- 6064-A

Opaque Matt White
Ref: 0- 6053

Opaque Glossy White
Ref: 0-10151

Reactive Blue
Ref: 0-10131/1

Brown Coffee
Ref: 0-10135

Ref: 0-10173

Ref: 0-10200

Ref: 0-10218

Jasper Pink
Ref: 0-10273

Ref: 0-10275/2

Green Moss
Ref: 0-10538

Cobalt Blue
Ref: 0-10541

Ref: 0-10272

Red Tomato
Ref: E-53290

Ref: E-63041/1

Ref: E-63042/1

Blue Matt
Ref: P0-6053/10

Bluish Grey
Ref: 0-10137

Transparente brillo sin Zinc
Ref: O-301

Jasper Opaque
Ref: O-7001

Specification sheet
 Safety specifications

Mat Opaque
Ref: O-7002

Specification sheet
 Safety specifications

Jasper Opaque
Ref: O-7003

Specification sheet
 Safety specifications

Ref: O-7004

Shiny Transparent
Ref: O-7005

Satin Yellow
Ref: O-10585

Satin Yellow
Ref: O-10580

Ref: O-10583

Ref: O-10587

Satin Salmon
Ref: O-10586

Satin Yellow
Ref: O-10581

Satin Orange
Ref: O-10582

Ref: O-10584

Rose Satin
Ref: O-10573

Red Satin
Ref: O-10575

Red Satin
Ref: O-10574

Satin Red
Ref: O-10578

Satin Red
Ref: O-10577

Satin Green
Ref: O-10579

Green Satin
Ref: O-10572

Satin Green
Ref: O-10576

Transparent (1100ºC)
Ref: PR-14

Specification sheet

Bright Opaque (1100ºC)
Ref: O-304

Specification sheet

Opaque Glossy White Leadless (1100ºC)
Ref: PR-112

Specification sheet

White Glossy Opaque Leadless (1100ºC)
Ref: PR-116

Specification sheet

White Leather Leadless (1100ºC)
Ref: 5899

Specification sheet

Salmón reac. sin plomo (1100ºC)
Ref: EESP-15

Rojo reac. sin plomo (1100ºC)
Ref: EESP-12

Malva reac. sin plomo (1100ºC)
Ref: EESP-11

Azul reac. sin plomo (1100º)
Ref: EESP-10

Verde reac. sin plomo (1100ºC)
Ref: EESP-16

Bright Transparent Leadless (1150ºC)
Ref: PR-02/M-1

Specification sheet

Matt Transparent (1150ºC)
Ref: O-305
Specification sheet

Opaque Glossy White Leadless (1150ºC)
Ref: PR-112

Specification sheet

Extra-White (1150ºC)
Ref: O-303

Specification sheet

White Matt (1150ºC)
Ref: O-306

Specification sheet

Rojo (1150ºC) + blanco mate craq.s/p.
Ref: O-10578 + 5913

Beige Stoneware (1150ºC) + Crackled Matt Leadless
Ref: O-10123 + 5913

Specification sheet

Rosado (1150ºC) + blanco mate craq.s/p
Ref: O-10285 + 5913

Brown Leadless (1150ºC) + Crackled Matt Leadless
Ref: O-10111 + 5913

Specification sheet

Fiord Blue Stoneware (1150ºC) + Crackled Matt Leadless
Ref: O- 6004 + 5913

Specification sheet

Glossy Transparent Leadless (1200ºC)
Ref: O-302

Specification sheet

Glossy Opaque Leadless (1200ºC)
Ref: 5564-D

Specification sheet

Opaque Glossy White Leadless (1200ºC)
Ref: PR-112

Specification sheet

Extra-White Bright Leadless (1200ºC)
Ref: O-303

Specification sheet

Matt White Stoneware (1200ºC)
Ref: O- 6053

Specification sheet

Leadless Engobe Jasper Black (1200ºC) + Crackled Matt Leadless
Ref: EESP-01 + 5913

Specification sheet

Engobe azul jaspe (1200ºC) + blanco mate craq.s/p
Ref: EESP-03 + 5913

Leadless Engobe Jasper Red (1200ºC) + Crackled Matt Leadless
Ref: EESP-04 + 5913

Specification sheet

Azul medio (1200ºC) + blanco mate craq.s/p
Ref: EASP-13 + 5913

Azul cobalto (1200ºC) + blanco mate craq.s/p
Ref: EASP-14 + 5913





Light Green
Ref: O-10339

Ref: O-10264

Emerald Green
Ref: O-10562

Copper Green
Ref: O-10563

Yellow Sand
Ref: EESP-06

Brown Speck
Ref: EESP-27

Neutras Jasper
Ref: EESP-18

Jasper Anthracite
Ref: EESP-05

Shiny Gold
Ref: O-10566

Mat Gold
Ref: O-10565

Copper Lustre
Ref: O-10564

Copper Lustre
Ref: O-10567

Blue Speck
Ref: EESP-26

Green Speck
Ref: EESP-25

Ref: O-10295

Green Jasper
Ref: O-10257

Ref: O-10270

Green Satin
Ref: O-10271

Ref: O-10285

Glossy Black
Ref: O-10540

Mat Black
Ref: O-10571

Glossy Transparent
Ref: 0- 6025



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