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Covid-19 measures
An exceptional situation decreed by the government like this, requires the involvement and effort of all. The measures that this company adopts is reduce maximum of 3 customers at the retail store. Please do not forgot wear your musk always.
Thank you for your understanding and collaboration. We are the main weapon against the Covid-19. Take care for you and your close ones and keep healthy!
We will keep you informed of any changes.


Medio Ambiente
PRODESCO, the store:
Glazes - Stoneware Glazes

Ref: 0- 6001

Brown Red
Ref: 0- 6002

Dark Grey
Ref: 0- 6003

Fiord Blue
Ref: 0- 6004

Ref: 0- 6005

Light Green
Ref: 0- 6008

Ref: 0-10111

Crystalline Blue
Ref: 0-10112

Ref: 0-10123

Crystalline Green
Ref: 0-10121

Glossy Transparent
Ref: 0-10485

Matt Transparent
Ref: 0- 6048

Opaque Gloss Craquele
Ref: 0- 6054

Transparent Gloss Craquelé
Ref: 0- 6064-A

Opaque Matt White
Ref: 0- 6053

Opaque Glossy White
Ref: 0-10151

Reactive Blue
Ref: 0-10131/1

Brown Coffee
Ref: 0-10135

Ref: 0-10173

Ref: 0-10200

Ref: 0-10218

Jasper Pink
Ref: 0-10273

Ref: 0-10275/2

Green Moss
Ref: 0-10538

Cobalt Blue
Ref: 0-10541

Ref: 0-10272

Red Tomato
Ref: E-53290

Ref: E-63041/1

Ref: E-63042/1

Blue Matt
Ref: P0-6053/10

Bluish Grey
Ref: 0-10137

Transparente brillo sin Zinc
Ref: O-301

Jasper Opaque
Ref: O-7001

Specification sheet
 Safety specifications

Mat Opaque
Ref: O-7002

Specification sheet
 Safety specifications

Jasper Opaque
Ref: O-7003

Specification sheet
 Safety specifications

Ref: O-7004

Shiny Transparent
Ref: O-7005

Satin Yellow
Ref: O-10585

Satin Yellow
Ref: O-10580

Ref: O-10583

Ref: O-10587

Satin Salmon
Ref: O-10586

Satin Yellow
Ref: O-10581

Satin Orange
Ref: O-10582

Ref: O-10584

Rose Satin
Ref: O-10573

Red Satin
Ref: O-10575

Red Satin
Ref: O-10574

Satin Red
Ref: O-10578

Satin Red
Ref: O-10577

Satin Green
Ref: O-10579

Green Satin
Ref: O-10572

Satin Green
Ref: O-10576

Transparent (1100ºC)
Ref: PR-14

Specification sheet

Bright Opaque (1100ºC)
Ref: O-304

Specification sheet

Opaque Glossy White Leadless (1100ºC)
Ref: PR-112

Specification sheet

White Glossy Opaque Leadless (1100ºC)
Ref: PR-116

Specification sheet

White Leather Leadless (1100ºC)
Ref: 5899

Specification sheet

Salmón reac. sin plomo (1100ºC)
Ref: EESP-15

Rojo reac. sin plomo (1100ºC)
Ref: EESP-12

Malva reac. sin plomo (1100ºC)
Ref: EESP-11

Azul reac. sin plomo (1100º)
Ref: EESP-10

Verde reac. sin plomo (1100ºC)
Ref: EESP-16

Bright Transparent Leadless (1150ºC)
Ref: PR-02/M-1

Specification sheet

Matt Transparent (1150ºC)
Ref: O-305
Specification sheet

Opaque Glossy White Leadless (1150ºC)
Ref: PR-112

Specification sheet

Extra-White (1150ºC)
Ref: O-303

Specification sheet

White Matt (1150ºC)
Ref: O-306

Specification sheet

Rojo (1150ºC) + blanco mate craq.s/p.
Ref: O-10578 + 5913

Beige Stoneware (1150ºC) + Crackled Matt Leadless
Ref: O-10123 + 5913

Specification sheet

Rosado (1150ºC) + blanco mate craq.s/p
Ref: O-10285 + 5913

Brown Leadless (1150ºC) + Crackled Matt Leadless
Ref: O-10111 + 5913

Specification sheet

Fiord Blue Stoneware (1150ºC) + Crackled Matt Leadless
Ref: O- 6004 + 5913

Specification sheet

Glossy Transparent Leadless (1200ºC)
Ref: O-302

Specification sheet

Glossy Opaque Leadless (1200ºC)
Ref: 5564-D

Specification sheet

Opaque Glossy White Leadless (1200ºC)
Ref: PR-112

Specification sheet

Extra-White Bright Leadless (1200ºC)
Ref: O-303

Specification sheet

Matt White Stoneware (1200ºC)
Ref: O- 6053

Specification sheet

Leadless Engobe Jasper Black (1200ºC) + Crackled Matt Leadless
Ref: EESP-01 + 5913

Specification sheet

Engobe azul jaspe (1200ºC) + blanco mate craq.s/p
Ref: EESP-03 + 5913

Leadless Engobe Jasper Red (1200ºC) + Crackled Matt Leadless
Ref: EESP-04 + 5913

Specification sheet

Azul medio (1200ºC) + blanco mate craq.s/p
Ref: EASP-13 + 5913

Azul cobalto (1200ºC) + blanco mate craq.s/p
Ref: EASP-14 + 5913





Light Green
Ref: O-10339

Ref: O-10264

Emerald Green
Ref: O-10562

Copper Green
Ref: O-10563

Yellow Sand
Ref: EESP-06

Brown Speck
Ref: EESP-27

Neutras Jasper
Ref: EESP-18

Jasper Anthracite
Ref: EESP-05

Shiny Gold
Ref: O-10566

Mat Gold
Ref: O-10565

Copper Lustre
Ref: O-10564

Copper Lustre
Ref: O-10567

Blue Speck
Ref: EESP-26

Green Speck
Ref: EESP-25

Ref: O-10295

Green Jasper
Ref: O-10257

Ref: O-10270

Green Satin
Ref: O-10271

Ref: O-10285

Glossy Black
Ref: O-10540

Mat Black
Ref: O-10571

Glossy Transparent
Ref: 0- 6025



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