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PRODESCO, the store:
Glazes - Opaque 5700-(see EOSP series)
Ver informacion Information of the serie
(Until end of stock - look at "Information of the serie")

Range of glazes totally Leadfree.
The serie consist of 40 coloured glazes, 20 transparent and 20 opaque.
Firing temperature:980º- 1020ºC.
The opaque glazes can be applied onto red or white biscuit.

Yellow (See EOSP-05)
Ref: 5701

Ref: 5702

Beige (See EOSP-17)
Ref: 5703

Pink (See EOSP-21)
Ref: 5704

Pink (See EOSP-21)
Ref: 5705

Light Blue (See EOSP-08)
Ref: 5706

Light Green (See EOSP-22)
Ref: 5707

Emerald Green
Ref: 5708

Green Greysh (See EOSP-07)
Ref: 5709

Dark Green (See EOSP-07)
Ref: 5710

Bluish Green (See EOSP-10)
Ref: 5711

Turquoise (See EOSP-04)
Ref: 5712

Sky Blue (See EOSP-08)
Ref: 5713

Deep Blue (See EOSP-02)
Ref: 5714

Brown (See EOSP-24)
Ref: 5716

Dark Brown (See EOSP-25)
Ref: 5717

Stone Grey (See EOSP-27)
Ref: 5718

Dark Grey (See EOSP-12)
Ref: 5720



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