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Covid-19 measures
An exceptional situation decreed by the government like this, requires the involvement and effort of all. The measures that this company adopts is reduce maximum of 3 customers at the retail store. Please do not forgot wear your musk always.
Thank you for your understanding and collaboration. We are the main weapon against the Covid-19. Take care for you and your close ones and keep healthy!
We will keep you informed of any changes.

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PRODESCO, the store:
Glazes - Leather S/Pb
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A new range of unleaded leather glazes .
The range consists of eight colored leather glazes, of glossy tones.
They have the particularity of being all them unleaded glazess, reason why, are
appropriate for the production of cookingware.
They can also be used for the decoration of rustic tiles.

Ref: 5628

Ref: 5628/NE

Blue Leather
Ref: 5649

Leather Light
Ref: 5652

Leather Green
Ref: 5654

speckled Leather
Ref: 5655

Blue Leather
Ref: 5656

Leather Green
Ref: 5653


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