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Colouring Oxides - Colouring Oxides P Serie (low temperature)
This series of pure pigments can be used both for coloring glazes, as for onglaze/underglaze decoration.

In the first case, the intensity of the color will depend on the components of the glaze, as well as the cycle and the firing temperature.

In the second case, the pigment should be mixed with a flux: lead flux Decor-flux-5 or Flux No. 50 and leadless flux: Flux 20 or Flux No. 15. The percentages of addition range 30-60%.

The Series consists of the following pigments, as well as the temperature of use. All of them are miscible with each other, expanding the range even further.

Colouring Oxides P Serie (from 1100 to 1280°C)

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