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Dear customers:

An exceptional situation decreed by the government like this, requires the involvement and effort of all.

In the factory we are working since April 14th. The store remains closed to the public until the government allows the opening of shops. However, we attend to email and telephone for inquiries, order preparation and any other type of management.

Thank you for your understanding and collaboration.

The main weapon against the Covid-19 are us.

Take care of yourself, your families and your close ones and wish you to stay healthy!

We will keep you informed of any changes.

Medio Ambiente
PRODESCO, the store:
Faience Biscuit - kitchen Articles

Vuelve tortillas de 28 cm.
Ref: 60311800

Spoon 28x9
Ref: 60236900

Pens dish 27x10
Ref: 60237000

Scouring pad 14x15
Ref: 60252800

Jarra brick 17x18
Ref: 60253200

Mug 9x8,5
Ref: 60253100

Napkin holder 15x9,5
Ref: 60252600

Conical Bowl AR
Ref: 60251800

Egg cup 6 cm.
Ref: 60252100

Plate hors d'oeuvre Shells diam. 33 cm.
Ref: 60237700

Jarra sangría 22 cm.
Ref: 60253000

Jarra pequeña 14 cm.
Ref: 60253300

Salt shaker 6,5 cm.
Ref: 60252200

Pepper-pot 6,5 cm.
Ref: 60252300

Fruiterer tableware with base diám. 28
Ref: 60242100

Salad dish tablewareNº 2 27x6
Ref: 60234100

Tureen tableware
Ref: 60241900

Dish radish 23x14 and Oval Dish tableware 33x25 y 37x30
Ref: 60237100 al 60237300

Sauceboat tableware with plate
Ref: 60242000

Flat Plat tableware diám.28 and deep diám.24
Ref: 60241600 y 60241700

Dessert Plate diám. 20
Ref: 60241800

Jarra bola 22 cm.
Ref: 60238800

Jarra vino 20 cm.
Ref: 60238900

Mortero 4 picos 15,5x15,5x10
Ref: 60293000

Tarros de ajos
Ref: 60290900 y 60299500

Botijo nevera
Ref: 60307400

Aceitera con plato
Ref: 60307500

Ref: 60307600

Cubiertos (hasta fin de stock, oferta del 25%)

Ref: 60291400

Ref: 60291300



Botijo de carro 22X29 cm.
Ref: 60307300

Botijos bola mini 8x5x12,5 cm.
Ref: 60315300

Salero colgar con tapa 12x11
Ref: 60252900

Tazas de café y de té

Vaso 8X7 cm.
Ref: 60253400

Centro castañuela diám.40 cm. - OFERTA: 25% DTO.
Ref: 60319700

Salsera oval 20x9x9 cm.
Ref: 60321200

Juego vinagreras 2x16 cm.
Ref: 60318200

Entremesera diám. 30 cm. - OFERTA: 25% DTO.
Ref: 60320200

Sopera vajilla 31x19 cm.
Ref: 60321100

Plato tazón 19,5 cm.
Ref: 60299800

Botella excéntrica grande, mediana 22x22 y pequeña 15x17
Ref: 60334500-60334600-60334700

Tazón y Plato gigante
Ref: 60335200

Mug corazón
Ref: 60335300

Huevera gallina 10 servicios
Ref: 60335400

Huevera codorniz 10/h 28X33
Ref: 60335500

Bote cocina pequeño - OFERTA: 25% DTO.
Ref: 60337500

Juego de mesa

Bombonera rect. 19x11,5x8,5
Ref: 60310800

Mano mortero (haya) 21,5X4,5 cm.
Ref: 60296700



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